Tuesday Post: Yucca

First Vintage Post!  : )  And I’m glad, because I love vintage.  I always download actions that are labeled vintage.  I search for vintage textures.  Vintage, to me, is a ridiculous amount of fun!  The interpretation, in my opinion, at least, is a bit open & so I have some “arty” leeway.  And I like that.  Plus, when I think vintage I think beautiful golden & grungy images & those are always the ones that stand out to me when I’m previewing someone else’s website, flickr, blog, etc.  So I’m very excited about this 4 week run of Vintage!

Now, with no further babbling from the bloggist (no, that’s not a real word, until now!)

Feel free to give me some feedback in the comments.  Too much text?  Hate borders?  Think the grunge is visually distracting from the image?  Or how about what is that image anyway?  : )  I’ll answer that last one: it’s a dried Yucca pod.  However, I couldn’t figure out what type of Yucca it was, so if you know your Yuccas & can identify it from this image, please, leave me a comment & give me all the details!

Also, if you missed your chance to comment on my new Tuesday theme last week, drop a comment at the bottom of this post & I’ll start a tally for next month.  Same requirements as before: let me know what type of art you’d love to see here.  Diptychs? Self-Portraits? Black & White? Unprocessed images? Nature? Or be creative & share an idea that I haven’t even listed!  : )

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