I haven’t been able to upload anything new in the last few days. This is very sad because I’m working on 1 or 2 things that I’m pretty excited to share.

It’s because we just got to Abilene & haven’t gotten internet setup for ourselves, but I’ve been piggy-backing on a neighbor’s internet (thanks neighbor!) Of course, because I’m not sure which nice neighbor is helping me this way, & I can’t properly thank them, I’m trying to avoid too much activity so I don’t steal all their bandwidth.

Basically, long story short, I’m waiting for some internet here so I can share new things with you! However, between now & then don’t be afraid to check out my Link Love pages, which are fairly new (just before we moved) for some lovely photos & other stuff from other artists.

Besides that little update, I’ve officially registered my new business name here in Taylor County & my new brochures & business cards came in (though the business cards are waiting for me in Lubbock)!  And I love my aunt because she’s been so helpful in getting me a job opportunity.  : D  Wonderful things are happening & I’ll have some lovely images to back that up with (like I just played with my camera in Manual Focus & Manual Exposure for the first time in months!) so bear with me for a few more days (hopefully no longer) and I’ll have some new stuff up!

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